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The Runners

A short film by Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley

Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes. Liberated from responsibilities, their guards drop dramatically, releasing funny and brutally frank confessions, and weaving a powerful narrative behind the anonymous masses.

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DAZED presents a film by Dimitri Basil
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Tangerine was the top short selected by Roman Coppola for his one minute film competition.

"This film is so unique. It is a total reflection of the filmmaker’s personality. Despite its short length, it had an appealing free-form and poetic quality. There is one particularly great, sexy moment – so provocative – but tasteful. I love the section which used jump cuts and also the subliminal shots of fruit so cleverly integrated. This whole movie feels like a scene in a longer film which I can’t wait to see”

Starring: Laura Gorun, Gadir Rajab, Cooper Roussel & Anca Tiribeja
Directed by: Dimitri Basil
Produced by: Peter Karpushin/Laura Gorun
Written by: Dimitri Basil & Cooper Roussel
Art Direction: Laura Gorun
Styling: Gadir Rajab/Anca Tiribeja
Music by: Mystic Braves


Oct. 11th 2014: A child runs in an underpass blocked by pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong.

Oct. 10 2014: A car is revealed by the receding water in the Atibainha Dam, part of the Cantareira System that provides water to the Sao Paulo metropolitan area, in Nazare Paulista, Brazil. The dam is drying up due to the worst drought to hit Sao Paulo in 84 years.

René Burri, Photographer of Picasso and Che Guevara, Dead at 81

1) Che Guevarra, Cuba, 1963

2) Sao Paulo, 1960

3) Women entertaining GIs, village of Yon Sul Gol, South Korea, 1961

4) Local wine producers gathered at an auction

5) Pablo Picasso, Cannes 1957

Magnum photographer René Burri has died aged 81. Burri — who began working with Magnum as an associate in 1955 before becoming a full member in 1959 — is best known for his portraits of Che Guevara, Picasso and Le Corbusier.

“Not only was he one of the great post war photographers, he was also one of the most generous people I have had the privilege to meet,” Martin Parr, President of Magnum Photos said in a statement. “[His] contribution to Magnum and his unrivalled ability to tell stories and entertain us over this time will be part of his enormous legacy. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to his family.”

“With René Burri, the world of photography loses one of its most powerful artists, a true humanist, who skillfully documented from behind-the-scenes the suffering and joy of human kind,” Burri’s family added in a separate statement.

Born in Zurich in 1933, he was a contributor to publications such as LIFE,The New York Times andParis-Match, and traveled frequently throughout his career, filing dispatches from the Middle East, Europe and Latin AmericaIn 1965, he helped create Magnum Films and afterward spent six months in China where he made the BBC-produced film The Two Faces of China.

In 1962, he opened the Magnum Gallery in Paris and produced drawings and collages, while continuing to work as a photographer. 

“A photograph is a moment,” Burri said in a 2010 interview with The Guardian “when you press the button, it will never come back.”

Dawid Ryski

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Anamorphic Painting by Thomas Medicus

sperm whales sleeping

Lucyna Kolendo

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